Noon ‘til 3:00 PM


Great hamburgers with all the

trimmings and a bag of chips

Also, bottled water and pop

Supports the Trout Lake Fair

Contact:  Arick Hysmith or Dawn Roberts


Sausage Dogs

Includes Pepsi and corn on the


Bottled water and pop

available, too

Brought to you by the Trout Lake

High School Band


Elephant Ears

Enjoy a hand-made elephant ear

with lemonade

Brought to you by the Church of

Christ youth

Contact: Debbie Allaway (509-637-4658)

Cotton Candy

Help students with college expenses

Contact: Kim Ballard (509-637-4429)

Tamale Lunch

Brought to you by the Trout Lake

Lunch Club - supports school lunch scholarships

Contact: Margarita Lopez (509-281-0411)

Frozen Lemonade Stand

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2018 Trout Lake Fair