Food page: Deleted Frozen Lemonade and Cotton Candy stands Fun & Games page: Deleted zip line, added a couple of inflatable attractions. Made all Fun & Games FREE. Fixed several minor typos and omissions.


Ice cream Social page: Added location and time


Ice Cream Social page: Completely rewrote and added graphic. Children’s Art page: Changed location of entry drop-off. Veggie page: Changed text for Native Plant contest. Photography page: Deleted page.


VEGGIES & FLOWERS PAGE CHANGED EXTENSIVELY. Changes are in bold type on page.


Potluck Social Swap A-K and L-Z.  Change “Lincoln Crockett & Friends” to “local artists”. Firemen’s Breakfast – don’t think we have confirmation of cost yet so leave as 2018 Parade Change “The Trout Lake School Track Task Force” to “Doug and Janet Anderson” Timber Carnival Move as is to current year Silent Auction Move as […]


Finalized for 2019: Runs Page (no change from 2018), Stargazing Page (only the graphic is changed). Almost finalized: Fiber Arts Page. Text is finalized but form download doesn’t work properly. Text has many small changes; only significant change is adding Felting category.


The revised site has gone live. The Home and Schedule page have been made current. All other pages contain 2018 information.