Founded in 1965 by Bernice Duke and Betty Schmid, the Trout Lake Fair has become an outstanding community tradition. It takes more than a hundred people to make this three day event possible. Please thank all these dedicated volunteers.

For the first 39 years, the Fair was an informal activity carried on in the spirit of the community by the efforts of many individuals. In the fall of 2004, the Fair was incorporated as a Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Washington. It was agreed that this was the best way to insure continuity of the Fair and to limit liability. Accordingly, bylaws were written and papers were filed with the State. The date of incorporation was November 2, 2004. Lake Fair

In order to keep us focused the Fair Board adopted the following Trout Lake Fair Charter:

“The Trout Lake Fair is a fun family festival for and by the Trout Lake Community

and guests. This celebration highlights the interests and talents of the residents

of the valley and provides community service fundraising opportunities.”

In keeping with our bylaws we now have the following officers and directors:

Dennis Hill, Past President

Lyris Wooldridge, Past Vice President

Tim Webster, Vice President

Doug Anderson, Secretary

Bruce Tucker, Treasurer

Board Members:

Rick Allen

Glenn Bredfeldt

Jessica Crone

Tina Morris

LeRisa Thomas

Tim Webster

Each fall there is an annual meeting of the membership of the Trout Lake Fair. According to the bylaws “Corporation membership shall be open to any Trout Lake resident that wishes to participate.” If you come, your vote counts. The bylaws provide that the membership meet annually to elect directors and conduct other business as required. Watch for public announcements of this meeting and come join us.

Sincerely: Your Fair Board

Trout Lake Fair

Trout Lake, WA 98650

Trout Lake Community Fair (Facebook)

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