2022 Grand Marshals – Jim & Kathy White

     If you have been involved with any volunteer organizations in Trout Lake in the last 42 years, chances are you have seen Jim and Kathy White. They have a long history of volunteering where they are needed the most.

The Whites moved to Trout Lake 42 years ago. Jim was employed by the Forest Service, and Kathy worked for Trout Lake Farm. When Jim retired from the Forest Service, he worked for Underwood Conservation District. They raised two daughters, Allison and Megan, who both attended Trout Lake School from kindergarten through graduation. Kristopher, their grandson, also attended and graduated from Trout Lake School.

Kathy worked with the school kids in the Reading is Fundamental program in the 1980s, and served as a 4-H leader. She was also one of the Trout Lake Newswriters for the Enterprise Newspaper. The Trout Lake Arts Festival was another event that she helped with. Voters at the Community Council Elections may have seen Kathy, as she was one of the volunteer poll workers, she also served as a Notary until she retired. Bikers who entered the Trout Lake Bike Ride put on by the Trout Lake Business Association were probably welcomed by Kathy at the registration table.

Jim has held a number of volunteer positions as well. He served on the Glacier Springs Board, was on the Community Council, the Klickitat County Planning Commission and is currently a Board Member for Mount Adams Resource Stewards. Jim hosts the stargazing events held in Trout Lake, where he shares his wealth of knowledge about astronomy. He has written an astronomy column for the Gorge News since 2009. He will be hosting the stargazing event the night of August 6th, as part of the fair. Jim is a Trail Angel, helping the Pacific Crest Trail hikers get to Trout Lake and back to the trailhead. He is also on the board for the new FACT (Fire Adapted Community of Trout Lake).

Jim has been very helpful to the fair. He assisted in the set up and take down, as well as the Silent Auction which benefits the Community Foundation. Kathy has organized the auction for 19 years. She has been on the board of the Trout Lake Community Foundation for 21 years. Jim has also been on the board, and provides invaluable help for the Rummage Sale, as well as other fundraising events. They help to administer the Scholarship fund, and remind students to be sure to apply. Both Jim and Kathy have been softball coaches, as well as other volunteer activities in the Trout Lake Community. Jim said the Trout Lake Community is great, and that if there is a need for someone to do something, it somehow always happens. The Rummage Sale is a good example of how the community pulls together to accomplish a big project.

When not busy volunteering for something, Jim could be found hiking or birding or doing an astronomy related activity. Kathy might join him on a hike, or birding, but also enjoys crafts, quilting, gardening and woodworking. She has provided a hand made wooden item for many years for the Silent Auction.

Kathy’s favorite memories of the Trout Lake Fair were from when she helped with organizers Bernice Duke and Betty Schmid. She especially enjoyed the talent show that used to be held in the old school gym, which is now Camp Jonah, the evening before the fair. There would be someone singing, playing guitar and the 4-H kids would model outfits that they had made. Jim remembers that Dwight Kelley, the former school superintendent, would tell bad jokes. Jim doesn’t have a specific favorite memory of the fair, he “just always enjoys the opportunity to visit with a lot of folks”. Jim and Kathy White have been, and continue to be, valuable members of the Trout Lake Community. After 42 years, Jim jokes that they are “almost not newcomers!”